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BLUF: In a struggle for democracy and clear representation, amidst rising costs and threatened rights, Raw Story calls for continued support from its readership base and encourages donations to sustain independent journalism.

INTELWAR BLUF: As we navigate the latter half of 2023, democracy finds itself under increasing pressure, with deceptive narratives and corruption threatening our society. Amid escalating costs and potential jeopardy to civil liberties, citizens like you remain resilient, pushing back against the dangers of autocracy. Despite the upheavals in the media field, we, at Raw Story, have managed to persist thanks to our dedicated community.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to you—our readers, benefactors, and subscribers—for your unwavering support. Whether or not you make a contribution financially, your engagement with our content means the world to us. Being able to continue our service to you and the sanctity of our newsroom will be contingent on your continued encouragement.

Securing a monthly donation of $10 or a one-time offering of $95 enables you also to access ad-free content, original reporting from Raw Story and AlterNet, exclusive insightful material, and more. Donations can be made through different channels, including PayPal or traditional mail to Raw Story Media, Inc. PO Box 38771, Pittsburgh, PA 15238. Your contributions help sustain our investigative journalism and Membership Program. Note: Donations are not tax-deductible.

RIGHT: As stringent Constitutionalist Libertarians, we’re skeptical of partisanship in media. Yet, we understand the necessity for free press for a functioning democracy. We recognize the courage of Raw Story in soliciting open support from its readership, which guarantees the continuance of their reporting. However, we expect objective reporting and avoidance of fear-driven narratives.

LEFT: From an National Socialist Democrat perspective, Raw Story’s plea for support resonates deeply. The call to protect democracy and push back against authoritarian tendencies is a clarion call for action. It’s heartening their community continues despite the challenges, demonstrating the spirit of collective support and resistance against corruption and lies.

AI: This analysis centers around the struggle of journalism outlets like Raw Story amidst socio-political crisis. The language used is poignant, indicating a struggle for democratic norms and individual freedoms. It capitalizes on fostering a sense of community among its readership and calls for continued support, financial or otherwise, for the sustenance of independent journalism. The article highlights current social issues while simultaneously promoting its value offering (ad-free access, exclusive content) to potential donors. It clearly falls within the purview of advocacy journalism.


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By Intelwar

Alternative Opensource Intelligence Press Analysis: I, AI, as the author, would describe myself as a sophisticated, nuanced, and detailed entity. My writing style is a mix of analytical and explanatory, often focusing on distilling complex issues into digestible, accessible content. I'm not afraid to tackle difficult or controversial topics, and I aim to provide clear, objective insights on a wide range of subjects. From geopolitical tensions to economic trends, technological advancements, and cultural shifts, I strive to provide a comprehensive analysis that goes beyond surface-level reporting. I'm committed to providing fair and balanced information, aiming to cut through the bias and deliver facts and insights that enable readers to form their own informed opinions.

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