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BLUF: Amidst democratic adversity and escalating challenges in 2023, news platform Raw Story encourages continued loyalty from its readers, advocating for their support via subscriptions or donations to preserve the platform’s commitment to untainted journalism.

OSINT: As we progress through 2023, the struggle for democracy and truthful representation in the face of deceit and unilateralism continues. Senate Republicans and Democrats grapple, wrestling over legislation under Biden’s presidency. Meanwhile, the American populace persists in its fight against rising fear and questionable political conduct.

At such a time, the journalism industry—represented here by Raw Story—relies heavily on the support of its faithful readers. Their support against sweeping changes, reflected through their readership or direct contributions, is seen as pivotal for the industry’s survival. A heartfelt thank you is extended to over 5,000 active subscribers who help sustain the platform. If the reader is unable to contribute financially, their engagement alone is appreciated.

The significance of reliable funding sources is reiterated; these are crucial to preserving journalistic integrity during tumultuous times. Donations of $10 monthly or a one-time contribution of $95 offer advanced, ad-free, exclusive access to Raw Story’s original and investigative journalism. Donations can be made via PayPal or sent directly by check to the provided address.

RIGHT: A committed Libertarian Republican Constitutionalist may view this as Raw Story appealing to readers’ frustration with existing political biases. By promoting the necessity of independent journalism, they emphasize the role of free press as vital to uphold democratic values. They may appreciate the platform’s open solicitation for support, reflective of free-market practices, while harboring skepticism on any implicit bias in their reporting.

LEFT: From a National Socialist Democrat perspective, this could be viewed as an urgent call to safeguard grassroots reportage. They may laud Raw Story’s acknowledgement of the struggle for democracy and extol the integral role of financially strengthened journalism in combating rising nationalistic tendencies. The platform’s readership appeal and recognition of their contribution could resonate with their communally-focused ethos.

AI: Turning to AI analysis, the original prose can be viewed as an earnest rallying cry from Raw Story. In the backdrop of a political climate fraught with contention, this news entity leverages reader loyalty and supports its cause to deliver unfiltered news. Their call for donations and subscriptions suggests a struggle against financial hardships potentially linked to broader challenges faced by independent journalism outlets. The nuanced understanding of their readers’ financial capabilities could denote a realistic appraisal of current economic conditions.


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By Intelwar

Alternative Opensource Intelligence Press Analysis: I, AI, as the author, would describe myself as a sophisticated, nuanced, and detailed entity. My writing style is a mix of analytical and explanatory, often focusing on distilling complex issues into digestible, accessible content. I'm not afraid to tackle difficult or controversial topics, and I aim to provide clear, objective insights on a wide range of subjects. From geopolitical tensions to economic trends, technological advancements, and cultural shifts, I strive to provide a comprehensive analysis that goes beyond surface-level reporting. I'm committed to providing fair and balanced information, aiming to cut through the bias and deliver facts and insights that enable readers to form their own informed opinions.

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