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BLUF: Insights revealed by health coach Emily Detrick challenge mainstream medical teachings on hormonal birth control, with concerns aimed at detriments to mental health, altered attraction preferences, and issues concerning birth control methods.


Noted health coach, Emily Detrick, argues against the common perception of birth control, emphasizing its negative implications for women. Known for her expertise in using food as a natural hormone regulator, she underlines the misleading claims made about hormonal birth control.

In a conversation with Allie Beth Stuckey, Detrick highlighted how her personal experience involved significant improvement in health after discontinuing birth control. She questions the widespread notion that birth control regulates periods and hormonal balance, calling these claims inaccurate. She emphasizes the artificial nature of the hormones introduced by birth control pills and their potential to cause withdrawals.

Detrick doesn’t stop at hormonal birth control, also expressing doubts about non-hormonal methods like the copper IUD. She raises concerns about copper toxicity and inflammatory issues that increase estrogen levels.

Detrick also brings light to an alarming statistic – a 70% increase in the prescription of anti-depressants or anti-anxiety medications for teenage girls and young women on birth control. She warns about the potential psychological influences of birth control, suggesting it can also impact sexual preferences by increasing bisexuality and inclination towards more feminine men.

Citing several studies that back her claims, she warns of birth control possibly leading women to choose partners with similar genetic makeup, which could be detrimental for offspring diversity and resilience.


As a constitutionally oriented Libertarian, one cannot assist but see this situation as another glaring example of government overreach infringing upon freedom to apply self-determination. It emphasizes the urgency for real education and informed decision-making rights. These alarming revelations on the implications of birth control underscore the need for individual autonomy and uninhibited access to information, beyond governmental and pharmaceutical controls.


From a national socialist Democrat perspective, this information raises important concerns about women’s health rights and reaffirms the need for healthcare reform. It points to a system deeply influenced by pharmaceutical companies, where commercial considerations appear to be overruling the health and wellbeing of citizens. Clearly, regulatory authorities need to take a closer look at this issue to ensure the safety and health of millions of women who rely on birth control.


In light of the information present, there is a clear need for further scientific scrutiny. The implications raised regarding potential mental health effects, altered attraction preferences, and general wellbeing are impactful and warrant deeper investigation. Individuals should be aware of these potential effects and healthcare professionals should aim to thoroughly communicate these possible outcomes. It is critical for informed decisions to rule the narrative, transitioning from mass-market-driven pharmaceutical recommendations to carefully personalized health strategies.


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